Intuition Intensive Retreat
Discover & Experience Your Inner Knowing

16941 Molina Place, Parker, CO

Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22, 2018, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

KARIN CONTIER, Spiritual Intuitive, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, & Owner of Angelic Healing Crystals for over 22 years, will be facilitating this experiential class on Intuition: Discovering & Experiencing Your Inner Knowing, Your Sixth Sense, Your Connection to A Divinely Successful Life.

Part I: Connecting, Clearing, & Tuning into Your Highest Self

Just as you tune a radio to a certain channel in order to receive the information you desire, you can attune your mind to receive clarity and direction. This class will teach you how to access your intuition to make the best choices and decisions for your own well-being on a daily basis, how to gain more trust and confidence in your own knowing, and how to focus this awareness to benefit yourself and others. You will enjoy participating in fun and experiential exercises, and learn valuable meditation techniques that will become life-enhancing intuitive tools that will assist you to:

  • Learn How to Connect with Your Source, Guides, & Angels
  • Learn How to Channel & Direct Healing Energy
  • Learn Techniques of Power & Protection
  • Cut Ties to Negative Energies & Cord Cutting
  • Learn How to Use a Pendulum to Affirm Accuracy in Your Sessions

Part II: Reading & Healing Others in Person & Long Distance

This course will allow you to connect with the infinite wisdom and healing power that dwells within you. By becoming one with your Source and the All-Knowing aspect of your Self, you can effectively change your reality and create what you will. Through a series of meditations, experiential exercises and awe-inspiring experiences, this exciting and fun-filled day will assist you to:

  • Learn How to Use Psychometry to Read Energy in All Things
  • Learn to Heal & Read Others In Person & At a Distance
  • Learn How to Heal & Cleanse the Auric Field Before & After Sessions
  • Learn Sound & Vibrational Healing & How Stay Connected with Your Guides with Mindful Intention

This amazing, weekend-long spiritual retreat is $333.
Space is limited so contact us today to reserve your seat in advance. We look forward to seeing you!
Thank you & many, many blessings…


PRIVATE SESSIONS are available

by appointment at $150/hour.