Frequently Asked Questions About Readings:

  • What Is An Intuitive Reading? An Intuitive is a person who is clairvoyant (sees), clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears), and/or claircognizant (knows). Every Intuitive has their own style of connecting with another person. Karin & Larry both have the ability to connect to your energy field (with your permission, of course) by using your name, your unique, energetic blueprint for your soul.
  • What Is A Crystal Reading? This is when we energetically connect to you and see where you may be out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Then we discover which crystal would best serve your highest good and healing at this time to return to a state of balance and harmony.
  • What Happens During A Reading? We begin by taking a few deep breaths in & clear any chakras to center ourselves. While connecting with you, your angels, guides, and/or deceased loved ones may come through to share messages with you that serve your highest good and guide you on your journey here.
  • How Can I Schedule A Reading? To schedule a reading with Karin, call, email, or text her directly: 720.985.3220, To schedule a reading with Larry, call, email, or text him directly: 303.807.5472,
  • Can I Take Notes or Ask Questions During My Reading? Feel free to prepare as many questions prior to your reading as you would like. You are also free to take notes or record your reading with any available apps that you choose (i.e., Wavepad). If you would like the call to be recorded, please request this in advance so that arrangements can be made prior to your scheduled reading via Free Conference Call. You may ask as many questions as you would like during your session as your Spirit Guides are here to serve you the best way that they can.
  • What Is The Recommended Amount of Time/Cost for a Reading? I recommend a one-hour minimum as many questions arise that you may not have expected that lead to wanting more information from your guides. One hour is $150 and each additional minute is $2.50.
  • How/When Do I Pay For A Reading? You may pay for your reading in advance, or if you think you will want to go longer than an hour, you may pay after your session via PayPal. To pay for a reading with Karin, her PayPal email address is: To pay for a reading with Larry, his PayPal email address is: