Wholesale Quartz Clusters 6-6.9kg

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These Quartz Clusters are an incredibly high quality as evidenced by their clarity and unique formations. These clusters are sold by number of pieces and weigh between 6 - 6.9kg per piece.

Crystal quartz specimens are pieces of natural quartz mineral that we ethically source almost exclusively from Brazil.  Quartz is known for its clarity and durability. High-quality clear quartz is a grade of the mineral specimen that features a clear, colorless, and transparent appearance. Clear quartz is a common mineral that can be found in many places around the world, but specimens that are considered "high-quality" are typically those that exhibit exceptional clarity, brightness, and lack of inclusions or fractures. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, clear quartz is highly valued for its physical and metaphysical properties, including its ability to amplify energy, aid in meditation and spiritual practices, and enhance mental clarity and focus. High-quality clear quartz specimens are sought after by collectors, healers, and energy workers.

These quartz specimens are all unique and many have various sized points.  These points are often referred to as "crystal tips" or "terminations" and can vary in size, shape, and clarity. 

Pictures available are examples of pieces from this collection.  All crystals are different and variations in size/shape exist.