Ruby in Zoisite Slice Slice 2 to 4.5"

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The Ruby in Zoisite Slice Specimen is a thin section cut from a larger piece of Ruby in Zoisite rock. The slice is polished to reveal the beautiful patterns and colors of the two minerals. These slices are often utilized as decorative pieces, for display, or for mineral collection.

Zoisite with Ruby is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral with an orthorhombic crystal system and a hardness of 6.5 to 7. Metaphysically, Green Zoisite emanates an energy of growth and fertility, and it strengthens the neural and energetic connections between the brain and the heart. Ruby is said to be a stone of life force, courage and passion.

Each piece is similar, though no item at Crystal Joys is exactly the same as every item is a unique stone that is non-fabricated. Slight variations in color, size, and shape may exist. Every item at Crystal Joys is true "one of a kind". Contact us if you would like to see the specific stone prior to purchase and we would be happy to send you a picture prior to shipment.