Wholesale Laser Quartz Points under 2" - Price per Piece

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Elevate Your Energy with Wholesale Laser Quartz Points under 2"

Unleash the mesmerizing power of laser quartz with our wholesale laser quartz points, all under 2 inches in size. These exquisite crystals are perfect for amplifying your metaphysical practice, healing work, crystal grids, jewelry crafting, or stocking your holistic store.

Key Features:

  1. Genuine Laser Quartz: We source our laser quartz points from trusted suppliers, ensuring you receive authentic, high-quality crystals known for their laser-like clarity and precision.

  2. Size Variety: Each point measures under 2 inches, offering flexibility in your crystal arrangements and jewelry creations. Every piece is handpicked for its clarity and energy.

  3. Amplified Energy: Laser quartz crystals are revered for their ability to focus and amplify intention and energy. Use them to enhance your meditation, manifestation, and healing practices.

  4. Chakra Alignment: Laser quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra, facilitating spiritual growth, clarity of thought, and a deep connection to higher realms.

Ways to Utilize:

  • Healing Work: Incorporate laser quartz points into energy healing sessions to direct and intensify the healing energy flow.

  • Crystal Grids: Create precision crystal grids by placing these points strategically to amplify the energy and manifest your intentions.

  • Jewelry Crafting: Design captivating jewelry pieces with these exquisite points, offering your customers not just beauty but the energy of laser quartz.

  • Meditation and Spiritual Growth: Hold a laser quartz point during meditation to deepen your spiritual connection and elevate your consciousness.

  • Retail: Share the transformative power of laser quartz with your customers by offering these wholesale points in your metaphysical shop or online store.

Unleash the potential of laser quartz to enhance your spiritual journey and healing practices. Elevate your energy and intentions with these wholesale laser quartz points, all under 2 inches. Discover the clarity and focus that these crystals can bring into your life. Order now to experience the magic of laser quartz in its purest form.

This item is priced per piece.  The average weight of the item is between .010 and .030 kilograms.