Landscape Jasper Pillars 2-3.5 "

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Landscape Jasper pillars measuring between 2-3.5 inches are stunning natural stone formations that consist of small columns or upright structures made of landscape jasper. This unique type of jasper features scenic patterns that resemble landscapes, with a range of earthy tones including browns, greens, blues, and sometimes reds or yellows.  These points are ethically sourced directly from Brazil.

These smaller pillars are perfect for use as decorative elements in indoor settings, such as on bookshelves, desks, or in display cases. They can also be used in small landscaping or garden design projects, adding a natural and earthy feel to the space.

In addition to their decorative use, landscape jasper pillars are believed to have healing and metaphysical properties. They are thought to promote feelings of grounding, stability, and balance, as well as increase one's connection to nature.