Wholesale Clear Quartz Polished Pillars - AAA Quality

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 Our Clear Quartz Polished Pillars are each a radiant example of pure clarity and energy, and available in a size range from 1 to 5 inches. These polished pillars serve as beacons of illumination, ideal for enhancing your collection, sacred space, or providing your customers with the unmatched beauty and energy of Clear Quartz through your metaphysical store or online shop.

Our Clear Quartz Polished Pillars are sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring authenticity and the striking transparency that sets them apart. Each pillar is expertly crafted, showcasing the inherent beauty and energy of Clear Quartz, a stone known for its cleansing, amplifying, and healing properties.

These polished pillars are versatile and hold a multitude of uses. Add them to your product offerings to share the purifying and enhancing energy of Clear Quartz with your customers. Place them in your sacred space or décor for an ambiance filled with clarity and positivity. Use them as powerful energy conduits for meditation or as decorative focal points that radiate beauty and healing energy.

By featuring these wholesale Clear Quartz Polished Pillars ranging from 1 to 5 inches, you offer your customers a tangible connection to the remarkable properties of Clear Quartz. Elevate your crystal collection, enhance your spiritual practice, and share the essence of purity and illumination with those who choose these exquisite pillars. Order now to add these polished pillars to your inventory and infuse your offerings with the transformative energy of Clear Quartz. Item sold per piece.

Clear Quartz Polished Pillars are natural polished towers ranging in size from 1 to 5 inches. Each pillar weighs between .02 kg to 1kg. These items are sold by the piece.

Note that many have rainbow inclusions.