Wholesale Clear Quartz Natural Cluster Points with Iron Inclusions

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Introducing our wholesale Clear Quartz Natural Cluster Points, each a masterpiece of crystalline quality and beauty. These natural points serve as exquisite examples of the purity and perfection found in Clear Quartz, enhancing your crystal collection, spiritual practice, or offering your customers the unparalleled quality and energy of this remarkable stone through your metaphysical store or online shop.

Our Clear Quartz Natural Points are meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring the highest level of authenticity and clarity that sets them apart. Each natural point embodies the exceptional clarity and pristine beauty that Clear Quartz is renowned for, making them the perfect representation of its cleansing, amplifying, and healing properties.

These natural points transcend ordinary stones with their exceptional quality. Add them to your product offerings to share the profound purity and potency of Clear Quartz with your customers. Place them in your sacred space or décor for an ambiance filled with the highest levels of clarity and positivity. Utilize them as powerful energy conduits for meditation, chakra healing, or as decorative focal points that radiate not only beauty but also the unparalleled quality of Clear Quartz.

By featuring these wholesale Clear Quartz Natural Points, you provide your customers with a tangible connection to the superior quality and remarkable properties of Clear Quartz. Elevate your crystal collection, enhance your spiritual practice, and share the essence of exceptional purity and amplification with those who choose these exquisite natural points. Order now to add these crystalline wonders to your inventory and infuse your offerings with the transformative energy of Clear Quartz. Item sold per piece.

These are natural specimens with a size that varies between 2 to 10 inches in length.  Some may even have some iron inclusions giving the piece a reddish- brown look. These points are ethically sourced directly from Brazil.  The average weight of the item is between .095 and 2.4 kg.  This item is priced per piece.