Agate Slice Statement Slab 10” on stand

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These agate slices have a rough edge and are about .25” thick.  They come with a stand

These agate slice statement pieces measuring 10 inches are large, eye-catching piece of décor. Agate is a type of stone that is known for its beautiful, natural patterns and its grounding energy. An Agate slice of this size can make a bold statement in any room and can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as a centerpiece on a coffee table, a wall hanging, or a unique piece of jewelry.

Some of the properties that Agate is said to possess include promoting stability, strength, and harmony. It is also said to be a soothing stone that can calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. With its beautiful natural patterns and grounding energy, an Agate slice statement piece can make a wonderful addition to any home or wardrobe.