Wholesale Natural Banded Agate Heart Slice (Brown, Orange, Black, White) 4-6 Inches

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Introducing our Wholesale Natural Banded Agate Heart Slice, a mesmerizing fusion of earthy tones that will captivate both your customers and their surroundings. Crafted by nature itself, these exquisite Agate Heart Slices showcase the harmonious blend of brown, orange, black, and white hues, each with its unique banding pattern. Measuring between 4 to 6 inches in diameter, these heart-shaped wonders are truly a work of art.

Natural Beauty and Unique Patterns: No two Agate Heart Slices are alike, making each piece a distinctive work of nature's art. The striking banded patterns on these slices reveal the geological history of each stone, making them an ideal addition to any collection of natural wonders.

Healing Properties: Agate is renowned for its metaphysical properties, including balance, protection, and harmony. These heart slices can serve as both decorative elements and meaningful talismans, creating a sense of well-being and positive energy.

Perfect for Resellers and Retailers: Our wholesale pricing allows you to offer these unique Agate Heart Slices to your customers at a competitive price, making them an attractive choice for gift shops, crystal boutiques, and holistic wellness stores.

Decorate with Nature's Art: Whether used as decor, a thoughtful gift, or as part of a meditation or healing practice, our Natural Banded Agate Heart Slices will enchant your customers with their natural beauty and metaphysical allure.


  • Size: 4-6 inches in diameter
  • Colors: Brown, Orange, Black, White

Elevate your product offerings with the timeless beauty and metaphysical significance of our Wholesale Natural Banded Agate Heart Slice. With their unique patterns and versatile display options, these heart slices are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers and become cherished additions to their spaces.

These hearts are ethically sourced directly from Brazil.  The average weight of the item is between .13 and .40 kg.  Each heart is sold by piece.