Agate Geode Candle Holder

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Agate Geode Candle Holder is made from natural colored stone and is handcrafted to fit different types of candles. It is light will shine through the agate stone, lending a charming glow to the room. The simplicity of our meditation candle holder brightens any space and adds the perfect amount of sparkle from the natural designs found within the geode. This makes the candle holder for table decor a great gift for men and women who are fond of minerals, home decor, retro decor, and more. 

The agate geode candle holders have a polished face with beautiful banding and quartz veins. The top has been drilled to fit a range of candle sizes, making it a beautiful accent to your home décor collection. The natural candle holder is 4-6" in length and 4-6" in width. Agate is a rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica. Agate is characterized by its fineness of grain and variety of colors. Agates are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks. Agate is thought to increase inner stability, composure, and maturity, and help with protection.