LEMURIANS: Lemurians or Lemurian Seed Crystals are a form of Quartz that come in many different colors: clear, pink, red, and gold often referred to as Golden Healer Lemurians. Although Lemurians can be found in a few select locations, we typically source our sacred specimens directly from Minas Gerais in Northern Brazil.

Spiritual Properties: Many consider the Lemurians to be the “master crystals” of the crystal kingdom that were left behind by the lost Lemurian civilization as a way to teach the message of oneness, unity, love and healing. You may find yourself attracted to this particular crystal due to a previous life in Lemuria or as a way to help anchor the earth grid energies during this time of the great shift in consciousness. Many have distinct, horizontal, barcode-like ridges in them and are believed to have the memory and consciousness encoded in them from the ancient time of Lemuria, a series of islands thought to be located near the Pacific and/or Indian Oceans thousands of years ago. Golden Healer Lemurians are excellent for any and all types of healing, they connect one with the spiritual worlds, access Christ consciousness as well as activate the solar plexus chakra to join our will with Divine will, align all the chakras, & balance yin/yang energies. Red Lemurians also contain this sacred blueprint of oneness and well as the ability to anchor and ground these powerful energies into the Earth for all to embody in one’s consciousness.