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“What are Crystals & Where Do They Come From?” 

Crystals are created from minerals deep inside the earth and have different frequencies depending where on the planet they are found. Each crystal has a unique healing property derived from the minerals from which it is made. Crystals can amplify, focus, direct, absorb, diffuse, & transmit different levels of healing energy.

“What is Crystal Healing?” 

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years. Crystals emit energy that affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They are very much alive energetically and are conscious beings just like us. They often select their new owners and can be very obvious about it (i.e., not letting you sleep at night, always on your mind, like leaving a friend behind).One Example of Crystal Healing is the Laying on of Stones in coordination with the body’s energy centers also known as Chakras.

“Where and How Do We Source Our Crystals?” 

Larry & Karin travel directly to South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, & Peru) to custom select from only wonderfully spirited people who love and care for and respectfully harvest their crystals with conscious intent for the highest good of all. We believe that crystals are here to help humanity heal, raise one’s consciousness, and assist us in living the best version of ourselves in the here and now. We love our crystals, we bless them, and we pass that brilliance onto you to utilize in your sacred space.

“How Do We Ship Our Larger Crystals?”

For our larger custom pieces (i.e., amethyst cathedrals, large quartz clusters on stands, or pieces exceeding 100 lbs and/or greater than 2 feet tall), we custom design a wooden crate for your specific piece, packed with love and care to allow for seamless delivery. We can ship by either air or ocean freight domestically and internationally (minimum $10K order-international only) directly to your door. We can provide you with an estimated shipping amount before your place your order with us so we can answer any questions you might have.

“How do Crystals Relate to the 7 Chakras ?” 

In general, the crystal colors relate to the properties of the 7 Chakras (energy centers in the body). When the chakras are in a state of balance, the body experiences the perfect conditions to heal naturally, to handle stress, and to be happy. Each Stone has a unique healing property and are easy to remember if you are familiar with the 7 colors of the chakras which are our natural energy centers of the body.

“Do I Need to Charge/Clear My Crystals” 

It is always a good idea to cleanse a crystal especially if you are getting it from a place where many people have been touching them or you are unaware of where it has been. Crystals can absorb energy and need to be cleared when it does not feel as vibrant or powerful as before.

“How Do I Clear My Crystals? ” 

Fill a sink basin with water and add a pinch of salt to it and let your crystals soak in it for a few minutes or until it feels complete. Rinse crystals with plain water and let dry. You may also clear the energy from them by setting an intention for them to be cleared and attuned to your energy. If it is a large crystal, you can place a bowl of sea salt next to it.

“Do I Need to Program My Crystals? ” 

Remember that crystals are conscious and living beings that know what to do for you, no programming is required. For example, an Amethyst knows to open your 3rd Eye because that is the frequency it is naturally attuned to.

“Does Crystal Shape & Size Matter? ” 

Bigger is always more powerful, but you may not need that depending on what you are using it for. A cluster is better for general healing, whereas a point or pillar is better for more specific, concise and laser sharp for healing or manifestation.

“The Many Ways To Use Your Crystals?”

Wear them as jewelry (pendulum on a chain), keep in your pocket, store in your bra, keep on your nightstand, create an altar, meditate with them by holding them or having them close to you, place over the chakras on yourself or clients, invoke their presence if you have forgotten to bring them with you.

“How Can I Learn More About the Meanings of Crystals?” 

See our Crystal Description sheet to know which crystals are best for abundance, healing grief, depression, or bringing joy into your life, etc. Our favorite reference book on crystals is LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by Melody (yes, that is her complete name).