Would You LOVE to Order a Custom Piece?

Great! We would love to help you create the most beautiful of sacred spaces in your home, whether your crystal serves as a highlighted art piece in your entryway or as a stunning piece on your mantle or coffee table for everyone to drool over…We happily travel to Brazil several times a year and are able to find spectacular pieces for your home and office, any size, shape, and color. Tell us exactly what you are looking for with your approximate dimensions/weight/price, and we will search the ends of the earth to find the crystals you have been dreaming about!

Complete the custom form to provide us with the specific details:


You do not have to wait for our next trip, simply download the free international calling app, WhatsApp, add Larry Contier (303.807.5472, Larry@AngelicHealingCrystals.com) to your Contacts, and send us a text to confirm that you are ready to start your crystal search!

Our trusted friends in Brazil are more than happy to start finding your beautiful piece right away. We can send you still shots, videos, dimensions/pricing, and have it delivered directly to your door via air freight within a few short weeks.

We are SO excited to help you on this journey!