Chakra Balancing Stone Set

CHAKRA BALANCING STONE SET: Our Chakra Stone Set includes all 7 stones to balance the 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) of the body. You can place them over the chakras or keep them in the bag to carry with you, display on your desk, nightstand, or meditation space to balance you throughout the day.

  • RED-Root Chakra-Ruby-Grounding
  • ORANGE-Sacral Chakra-Carnelian–Balances Emotions
  • YELLOW-Solar Plexus Chakra-Honey Calcite-Balances the Ego/Self-Empowerment
  • GREEN-Heart Chakra-Emerald-Give/Receive Love
  • BLUE-Throat Chakra-Azurite-Speak Your Truth
  • PURPLE-Third Eye Chakra-Amethyst-Intuition/Creativity/Mental Clarity
  • VIOLET-Crown Chakra-Charoite-Connecting to the Divine/Your Highest Self/Service