Agate River Lamps

AGATE: Agate is a banded form of finely-grained, microcrystalline Quartz. The lovely color patterns and banding make this translucent gemstone very unique. Agates can have many distinctive styles and patterns, but each Agate is unique in its appearance, with no two Agates being the same. Although Agate can be found in many locations, we typically source our sacred specimens from Brazil, Madagascar, and Turkey. Grape Agate is the name given to the purple, grape-like formations of Chalcedony. This beautiful material is from the sacred Manakarra Beach in Indonesia.

Spiritual Properties: Agate awakens one’s inherent talents, transforms negativity, and balances the physical and emotional aspects on your being. Grape Agate, induces deep peace, united community, cleanses one’s perceptions, shows you which dreams are really worth pursuing, harmonizes brain chemistry, great for anxiety, bipolar, panic attacks, & encourages trust & support from our spiritual guides.